Shoulder pains – holistic overview.

 Shoulder pains

Shoulders are very mobile joints. Their stability and function are governed by anatomical structures such as short and strong shoulder blade originated muscles, superficial trunk muscles and passive stability apparatus as ligaments. Shoulders are „open” to very many injuries (static and dynamic) – and that makes their treatment a maze of a great deal.

 I find shoulders disfunctions in basic factors below:

1.      injuriesand incorrect postural habits

2.      incorrect tension of certain muscles (static imbalanse) leading to worn-out syndrome,

3.   away-from-joint factors such as emotional compression within (anger, agression – coupled with temporomandibular joint syndrome and pelvic syndromes)

Shoulders are basic for very precise tool as hand. Clavicula is the only bone transmiting all mechanical support on skeleton. It also enables very high range of movements being surrounded with strong short muscles. Unfortunatelly they can also stimulate other chain reactions along the upper limb along with numbness, sweating and weaknes of hand.

Incorrect elastisity and lenght of muscles are governed by ignorance of stretching need. Each joint , to work well, is to be supported and governed by elastic muscles, age is not a significant factor here. If – because of wrong excercises or simply lack of any caused by prolonged sitting work – those muscles and ligaments tend to shrink, contract and remain in that state for longer, that will turn pathological chains on and sooner or later cause some health problems somewhere within the body. Worn out syndrome is the most known effect of that ignorance. The best and easiest solution is stretching, bringing elasticity back to normal. When applied well – patient feels improvements of his/her problem and sometimes, what suprices most, very distant from the painful spot. That is the effect of disarming the pathological chain reactions with a simple weapon – stretching.

Shoulders are „sender – receiver” joints that means they detect and cumulate tensions of various origin from the body and send them further down the limbs. The most frequent away-from-joint factors are emotional tensions cumulated in cervical and thoracic spine region. Unsolved shoulder disorder may end as frozen shoulder, chronic pain, trophic changes, thoracic cage disfunctions and other.

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