Neuroaiki – a new physiotherapy approach for post stroke patients.



Humans change second by second, right from the moment they become an integral individual somatoemotional system. That proces changes in reply to environmental demands, age, and aims we need to achieve. It is a permanent learning. But it also can be dramaticaly interrupted by an accident, a stroke, amputation or a sight loss etc. Then a human being faces a need of seeking for a reliable compensation, a path to manage the new me. There is no time to unlearn. It is already done. Suddenly, unexpectedly but done. Everything gets changed. And there are two ways out that seem reasonable: you can start again or surrender. You can take your life in your own hands again and try to create it into something new and physiotherapy is one of the tools to help. Psychology is there to help to find the new me, get rid of fears and support the new construction. Physiotherapy is there to work with locomotor system mostly but for it integrates the whole personality – it fully influences our being – who we are, what world we create, what are our expectations for the present and future, for our close relatives, friends and strangers. The number of physiotherapy approaches has grown, some are more revolutionary, some are less but they all give us a chance to pick the right tool to adjust it to the very situation and to the patient.


Mixing physiotherapy and aikido came by no mistake. Aikido is for everyone, your age does not matter, your physical abilities do not matter, your finantial status does not or your other abilities do not matter. All you need is a will to practice it. You will unlearn your moving patterns first to learn the new ones. It will lead you through learning of sychronization of both sides of your brain and body. Your body stands on hips so aikido will take you to learning your hips and coordinating them with your new breath. Aikido has a starting point but it never ends, there is no form that we are to achieve. It is a permanent process of learning your new self, new blood circulation, new breath, new locomotor system. It needs your patience and crossing over your own bareiers. And this is where aikido meets physiotherapy.


Neuroaiki – I gave it this name, deals with a sudden unlearning caused by a disease, a stroke, a car accident or any cause that changes you as a human being. It deals with a human facing a new life, usually not the life of dreams but the real one, an everyday life that requires tough decisions and new abilities. You will not have to unlearn because the very moment of change did it for you, leaving your soul uncertain, sometimes fearful and your personality in a need of re-habilitation. All you must do is to compensate for the lost abilities, construct the new you on an unknown ground. Aikido can give you a helping hand…


If you find yourself in the situation I have just described, you can become a part of my programme. You can attend it, challenge it, gain advantage from it. Aikido has no limits and that is what makes it a path worth walking.


Basic aims of neuroaiki is:

  1. to help to coordinate both body sides again,

  2. to get a new quality of breath and movements,

  3. to get a reliable self certainty for everyday life.



Neuroaiki classes will contain:

  1. basic information on aikido, a demonstration of chosen moves and techniques,

  2. describing the aims of neuroaiki classes,

  3. classes routine based on:

  • learning how to breathe correctly,

  • feet excercises and communication with the ground (grounding),

  • shoulders coordination excercises,

  • hips coordination and elasticity excercises,

  • whole body coordination excercises,

  • traditional aikido wooden weapons workouts (jo, boken).


Neuroaiki classes will be conducted by: Bartłomiej Gajowiec, physiotherapist, aikido practitioner,

Location: Center of Prophylactics and Treatment of Locomotor System in Konstancin, 5 Mostowa Street,

Minimal number of participants to launch: 6

Fee: 70 zł per class for one person, (promo fee, valid till 1st July 2015)

Class duration: 1 hr

We are planning to start: : 18 th May 2015 at 5 pm,

Those who are willing to participate are requested to bring an loose clothing, easy to use during physical workouts. All participants will practice barefooted. Elements of traditional Japanese etiquette will be a part of the learning process in dojo (place to study aikido)


Feel free to step onto an neuroaiki path

Bartłomiej Gajowiec


Mistrz Mleczko trafia w samo sedno
Neuroaiki - nowa propozycja fizjoterapeutyczna dla chorych z porażeniami połowiczymi