Headaches in holistic medicine – a brief view on the subject.


That subject seems like a no-man’s-land. So many specialists focus on it in search of potential reasons of headaches – disorder, that enables so many to function in a pain free life. Coupled with vomiting, balance problems, hypersensitivity on light, that all creates a real monster to fight. Other autonomic reactions fulfill the picture.


Manual treatment in holistic model suggests to analys those potentials listed below:

  1. pelvis and hips as a whole: sacroilliac ligaments and other soft tissue structures, static imbalance of pelvic girdle,

  2. vertebral joints disorders of thoracic spine of various origin,

  3. vertebral joints disorders of neck, especially suboccipital region,

  4. nerwous system tension caused bytensions or irritations of locomotor system distally from head itself,

  5. incorrect postural habits resulting from prolonged sitting (e.g. office work) or depressive emotional states (very common)

  6. head injuries understood as hits, car accidents, birth accidents and other.


Worn-out syndrome is – to suprice of many – not on the list. Its existing does not have to cause any problems at all. It is only an effect of time and use-your-body factors. If human body copes with that well, it will never generate even a smallest signal.


Each of the smallest structures of listed regions is capable of generating pathological chains leading sooner or later to a hard to identyfiy disorder that makes treatment hard and difficult. RTG analyse, MRI analyse, manual evaluation and – what is very often forgotten – interview with patient, do help to build the vision of disorder character and find the way to victory over it.


Shoulder pains - holistic overview.
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