Can aikido be considered as a global movement physiotherapy approach?

There is so much knowledge on human body and movement in aikido and it is so tempting to steal some from it and use it in physiotherapy as a part of a global physiotherapy approach. There is atemi, derived from tradicional eastern medicine. There is so much of knowledge on breath and related effects. There is so much on movement harmony and balance there. But for whom? What disorders can be treated with aikido movements? Which movements? So many questions require constant answering. Constant thinking. Constant analysis.


Some answers flashed more than two years ago after my return from Italy. Matsuoka Sensei, 6th Dan aikikai, conducted a wonderful seminar there. He flipped my whole aikido upside down with one finger or with his hips, I should be precise. Sensei’s approach proved how important hips are in aikido, and how isolated from other body parts they can get if we do not care. Incorrect breath, too much stifness around shoulders and neck, lack of elasticity and harmony between hips and chest… Disaster of Western postural patterns.

Then I participated in 2014 Matsuoka Sensei’s seminar and I knew he was so very very correct. Our talks on human body in aikido left me with no doubt on the direction I took. You will read more in the book that I am working on…


Today I found an article about a man who suffered from a stroke and decided to recover from it on aiki path. Sword movements and regular aiki movements patterns seem the key to recovery. Hips and trunk coordination, hips and arms coordination, coordinating the „suffering” side with the healthy side, re-programming his inner software for a new operational mode – that is the challenge. That is the call.

New challenge for brain to accomodate, for heart to operate the vascular system, breaking the schematic physiotherapeutical thinking on patient and his disorder state. 


I care of my hips. Aikido helps me so much. I also show this way to my patients in need. We withdraw their hips from stifness, lack of mobility, lack of elasticity and energy. We try to re-charge their energetic centre. And hips seem to like those attempts and thank for them. Sometimes they even explode with joy! It is worth to offer them aiki, to care…



)and this is just the beginning of my journey there…)

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