Air, breath and tears – and what is next?

Last weekend good byed me with several statements and summaries I made. I had an enormous pleasure to watch Kokyu Sensei act and discuss my thoughts with Mizu Sensei. It generates a huge push forward to witness masters and to be near. You just cannot ignore their spoken words and unspoken deeds…

Last weekend ended with almost a hurricane on streets. It had changed so much. It is a type of a wind as we know and wind is a kind of air. It took something away, almost blew it away but brought something, too. Some dust, garbage, sand bits that get into your eyes and make your eyes cry. That cleans your eyes and makes your vision much more precise.

Air is life. The whole body breathes thanks to air. Thanks to it life runs through us. Air exchange is much more than ventilation, to be exact. It is refreshing. Cleaning. Removing the remainings, unspoken and blocked words that cork the throat, deep grief, tension seen in human body as stones…

Where does the breath live? As your medicine book states – in lungs and respiratory system. But let me run away from this academic statement and follow my inner temptation – in body centre. In pelvis. It resonates throuought the body from there. It sends its calmness from tere. It explodes with resoluteness from there. Kokyu Sensei confirmed that with just one finger… He did it with his concentration and Mizu Sensei described the “tears” sign that reveals all secrets of its waterish form.

Breath circulates around your body fluently when there are no obstacles form Any parts of it. Especially from throat region and stomach. It is supposed to penetrate through your throat and reach the stomach. Lungs are just servants. They only fill the centre’s will. They are just a vacuum machine sucking the air in and pumping it out. What stops your breath from reaching the Centre?

As I mentioned before: unspoken and stuck words, letters that were to be written, Grieg that Romains without freeing stout, undiscovered mysteries, stones that have not turned into tears, throat that is too tight to speak…

Breath is mighty and powerful. If I let it act wisely within my body I allow it act is as a Great Cleaner, if that is the word that suits most. It cleans away all obstacles with its wisdom and power and its own vision of natural health. The harder obstacle it faces, the more resolute it becomes. And as a Great Magician it dissolves all stones in salty waters of tears. A human does cry and know how to cry. There is no doubt on this. Crying is healing. Crying is cleaning. Let me describe a health and deep cry then: it is derived right from the bottom of your pelvis, hand in hand with sob, shakes the body and sometimes shakes it very strongly, it explodes with appearance of lack of control. Yes, the Nature acts in a shocking way sometimes. Shockingly wise. Your cry knows what to clean out from your body and mind. Take a look at the crying child and you will understand why I call kids Masters of Life.

Can you induce tears? Yes. With tenderness, with pain of prolonged grip, with croud of offence, feeling of love. I could multiply examples and it only shows that Mother Nature uses what She has at hand for healing. The question is: are you ready for your tears? We become too stiff to handle them, to let them flow, to think what may happen after the tears stop. This is nothing but lack of trust to Nature. To Breath.

When life ends it they takie your breath away. That moment closes the Time. I am not aware of any breaths over t h e r e but I am sure tears are not longer required with their services.

Can you learn to breath? Wise men say you can. I think you just do not disturb it right from the start. Leave all stereotypes like: “men don’t cry” or “don’t’t cry like a girl” or many many alikes – they just show the ignorance to the great miracle of our life. Breath and its child – cry – they clean inner garbage and cleans our eyes. What makes you harder – leads you to death. Death of breath.

Do not be afraid of tears, air and crying – even if they all sometimes  mix and create a hurricane

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